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Goodnight September begins with the story of Ricky, a teenager on a weekend break to Los Angeles following the recent death of his grandfather. While struggling with his grief, Ricky visits a movie studio in the Hollywood area where his grandfather worked 70 years previously. Ricky meets Emily, a studio tour guide who helps him research his grandfather's role at the studio and his involvement in the birth of the Hollywood movie industry.

Ricky and Emily's enquiries reveal that his grandfather once crossed paths with a young actress named Peg Entwistle, an individual famous for jumping to her death from the letter 'H of the Hollywood sign in 1932 - She was just 24 at the time.  As the story unfolds they both discover much more about Peg than the account, which is portrayed historically; alleging a failed actress who took her own life because she couldn't accept rejection from the movie business. ‘Goodnight September’ tells the story of Peg’s time in Hollywood leading up to her death on that fateful September night.

Ricky's weekend in LA proves to be a life changing experience, not only as a result of discovering the truth about his grandfather and his friendship with Peg but also due to Emily who is hiding her own secret which she would rather not reveal.

Images from the 2014 opening night performance were taken by Philippa Myhill of Photogenic Photography.


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