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Peg Entwistle was born Millicent Lillian Entwistle in Port Talbot, Wales in 1908, she spent her early childhood living in the Baron's Court area of London before moving to America at the age of 6. Although officially English she lived and attended schools in New York and Los Angeles. She appeared on stage for the first time aged 16 and was married by the time she was 18 to a man she had known for just 4 days. The marriage was short lived.

Peg appeared in ten shows in New York before the age of twenty-two as well as completing a play and a movie within six months of arriving in Hollywood; that is very impressive even by today's standards. To most she is known as a symbol of Hollywood tragedy - a failed actress who ended her life by jumping from the Hollywood sign on September 16th 1932

Goodnight September will present Peg as an individual with an identity rather than the image that is portrayed historically as her simply being a failed actress. She achieved more in her short life than many other actresses do in a lifetime and was mentioned in Bette Davis's autobiography as the reason Bette finally chose to take up acting... Bette Davis went on to inspire a generation.


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